Get Organized

join the campaign! contact me at
(434) 249-3312 and check us out on Facebook

I fully believe in activism and collective action as a means for social transformation. Throughout my campaign I intend to promote involvement in civic life by pointing as many people as possible towards different groups organizing to get their demands met.

If there is an issue important to you that isn’t represented on this list, feel free to contact me directly and we can find ways to organize around your needs. I would particularly be interested in hearing from anyone interested in forming a “Transit Riders Union” or a Charlottesville “People’s Council”. If you are having problems at your workplace I can help you get involved in bettering your situation in a safe manner. Of course, anyone with an interest in the Socialist Party of Central Virginia, the IWW or the Cville Workers Action Network please contact me anytime.
(434) 249-3312

Socialist Party of Central Virginia– socialist politics and activism
Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice– Peace and Justice!
Wayside Center for Popular Education– social justice education
Cville Workers Action Network– labor activism
Workers And Students United– living wage at UVA
Richmond IWW– labor union
Virginia United Against Oppression– immigrant rights, workers rights
Southwood Alliance- immigrant rights and self help (drop me a line I’ll put you in touch!)
Charlottesville Food Not Bombs– food justice, direct action
Cville Anarchists– anarchist direct action collective
Citizens for a Sustainable Water Supply– dredge don’t dam!
People’s Alliance for Clean Energy– energy alternatives
Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park– Stop the Parkway!
Save McIntire Park– stop the Meadowcreek Parkway!
Transition Charlottesville– sustainable future (website up soon!)
Charlottesville Community Bikes– bicycling advocacy
Public Housing Association of Residents– public housing rights
Albemarle/Charlottesville NAACP– African American rights
Piedmont Housing Alliance– fair housing
Monicello Area Community Action Agency- Head Start, action on poverty
Amnesty International– human rights
AIDS/HIV Services Group– AIDS awareness and education
Planned Parenthood– reproductive rights and women’s health
Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project– access and funding for abortion
Charlottesville National Organization of Women– women’s rights
ROSMY– sexual minority youth resources
Gay Cville– LGBTQ network
Equality Virginia– LGBTQ advocacy and education

If you would like your group listed here, please drop me a line!


6 Responses to Get Organized

  1. Thomas says:

    Actually, Community Bikes does not provide free bikes to anyone. See our website’s FAQ section on that one.

    • Thanks Thomas!
      for anyone interested here’s FAQs from Community Bikes-

      from the website-
      “No, we do not have a free-bike program. However we currently have a work incentive program. Please consult the manager on duty, then volunteer a documented 6 hours in the shop. If you do this, then we will gladly lower the price of your bicycle by one level. (ie, a $90 bike would become a $60 bike.) The lowest we will allow this to go is $15.”

      That reminds me, we have two bikes to give to y’all, been meaning to bring those by forever!

  2. John William Duke says:

    My oldest son is named Brandon too. He was so small when he was born, you could have put him in a large shoe box. He is now a MP with the USAF.

    About the dam out there on Reservoir Road. There is an old stone home there on a peninsula that no one seems to know about. If they raise the damn level it will be under water. As soon as they go out there and drop a load of dirt, I will file a Federal pro se order to “Cease and desist” until a complete historical survey has been done.

    These clowns in charge now, never go out there and have no idea what is there. But they make all their decisions from city hall or the county building!

    Good luck in you endeavours in getting a council seat.

    John William Duke (434.249.8346)

    • Brandon Collins says:

      Thanks John!

      I feel like I have heard about this issue once before, have you addressed council about this in the past?

      In any event, I think maybe one thing to do is to work towards getting an historical survey done BEFORE the election, so that all issues can be out there for discussion. The water supply plan is not a done deal, despite what some are trying to sell us, and the more information we have to weigh the better we all are to make a decent decision after a new council is seated.

      I have a question though- is the site endangered by an extension of the existing dam, or only if a new dam is built?

  3. JC Rotunda says:

    Hello Brandon:
    I moved to C’ville several years ago, and originally thought it was more progressive.
    I was wrong – Obama histeria! He’s continued the Bush agenda, only worse. I voted for Nader 3Xs. It’s refreshing to see someone like you who has courage and is not the same old candidate. What kinds of help do you need in your campaign?
    JC Rotunda
    PS: As a fan of the blues, I enjoyed your blues cello performance very much.

  4. Thanks for the kind words JC!
    The website gave me your e-mail address, so will let you know today about when the organizing committee is going to meet. If you can’t make it, I’ll make sure to be in touch about how you can help. I am mainly asking the organizing committee to be pretty familiar with my platform- not completely laid out, and the over all theme of the campaign- The things in society that we all want to fundamentally change we can approach on a local level in big and meaningful ways.

    There are plenty of ways folks can help out, and we’ll talk soon!

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