I am proud to list these well known individuals as endorsers of my candidacy. Many of these people have been active in the Charlottesville community for a long time.

Joy Johnson– housing activist and community organizer … here’s why
Paul Long– former council candidate …learn morePaul’s letter of support
Jeff Fogel– civil rights attorney …editorial on jobs
David Swanson– activist, blogger and author …david’s blog
Sean McCord– citizen activist …read why
Jim Shea– ex-offender advocate, political activist
Brenda Lambert– ex-offender advocate, political activist
Toby Lyons– volunteer, supporter … read Toby’s Letter to the Editor  …
Victoria Dunham– Woolen Mills community advocate

And of course, an amazing team of organizers and volunteers, the quiet support of many disgruntled Democrats inside and out of city government,
and the Socialist Party of Central Virginia.

I hope to also provide links to letters to the editor as they start to roll in. If you would like to add your name or organization to this list, just drop a line to brandoncollins@comcast.net

submit your letter to the editor here


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