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People all over the country are in the streets and demanding a better world that places human needs over corporate greed. I wholeheartedly endorse the #occupy movement, and have participated, and will continue to participate. While I certainly agree that the true path to social transformation is through organizing to get the things we want, I am still committed to engaging the electoral process… to win!

Here are some resources for folks interested in people over profits to discover who I am and where I stand, and I hope you’ll consider voting for me on November 8th! (don’t forget to register, last day to register or change your address is Oct 17).

I have consistently brought up the needs of underpaid, overlooked, under appreciated, and under serviced people in my platform, particularly with my ideas on guaranteed employment, wages, and jobs and my speech on labor day explains this further.

I look forward to explaining further my thoughts on the housing problems in Charlottesville. We need to get serious about moving folks up the housing ladder, and making sure that new people and expanded UVA don’t push poor people out of town, out of their neighborhoods, and turn Charlottesville into a playground for the rich.

We can make jobs, improve the quality of life for all Charlottesville residents, and take a comprehensive approach to city planning by expanding our bus system. If we are to take our commitment to not trashing our planet seriously we have to plan around public transit.

These three issues are deeply enmeshed with our ecological needs! We can go much further on making the city 100% sustainable but we have to take the issue seriously in all decisions we make. You can see my responses to the Sierra Club and learn a bit more on my overall approach to energy.

Everyone wants to know about the water! I have written a lot on this issue- check out why we should change the plan, thoughts on the demand analysis, and special interests and lies dominating the conversation.

And, of course, the parkway.

The Chamber of Commerce would have you believe that talking about these issues is keeping us from doing something meaningful about poverty. Don’t fall for it! The cost of the water supply and the parkway, the negative impacts they will have on the working class and undervalued neighborhoods is immense. Read my short letter to the Daily Progress that gets at some of that.

I have consistently brought up peace as a local issue with city council for years, and I am still bringing this up as often as possible! We are facing deep cuts from the federal government to vital programs, imagine a world where all that money being spent on illegal wars and occupations is spent instead on programs of social uplift!

Charlottesville is in danger of not having any voice for social justice on city council, please vote for me- Brandon Collins on November 8th!

learn more!
audio and text of my candidate interview for Charlottesville Tomorrow Voter Guide
audio from Random Row “People’s Forum” Aug. 17
my responses to democrats only forum
audio and video of forum sponsored by Daily Progress
audio from forum hosted by Andrea Copeland (also shown regularly on Public Access TV)





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  1. zfplays5 says:

    You got my vote! Keep it up

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