Occupy DC- I’m Going, See You There?

Hi friends!

I’ll be out of town until Saturday night, give me a ring if you are heading to DC to help occupy! There should be a sustained presence in DC for weeks, I hope many of you will consider spending some time in DC when you get the chance.

Here’s the press release-

For Immediate Release:
contact: Brandon Collins
(434) 249-3312

Council Candidate Brandon Collins to help start “Occupy DC”  

Charlottesville City Council candidate Brandon Collins has announced that he will be joining the growing occupation movement this weekend in Washington, D.C.

Organizers for “October 2011- Stop the Machine, Create a New World” have planned the occupation to protest war and corporate greed for almost a year and have hoped to add to the growing movement spawned by the now 20 days of Occupy Wall Street.

Collins plans to be there to help start the occupation on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and is participating in the committee dedicated to workers rights and jobs. He plans to camp out in Freedom Plaza during his visit.

“This is an important movement for all people, and we must add to the numbers calling for economic equality, social justice, and an end to war. I see this as another way for me to engage in politics, after all, it is not just voting for candidates but people organizing that make a democracy work. I look forward to learning new approaches to old problems, contributing to the people’s assemblies, and returning home to share the experience and energy of this growing people’s movement.”

Collins added that he considers the trip a supplement to his campaign for city council cenetring around social and economic justice in Charlottesville. Car loads of Charlottesville residents are also making their way to Washington DC and New York City this weekend. The “Occupy Everywhere” movement has spread to scores of cities large and small since it began September 17th.

To learn more about the DC Occupation please visit http://october2011.org/frontpage

To learn more about Occupy Wall Street please visit http://occupywallst.org/




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