Priorities- new pamphlet!

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Here is text from a new pamphlet to address my “Big 3” issues. If you would like a copy to print out for your own, or for distribution please e-mail me at and I will send you the file.

Too many of us are unemployed, underemployed, over worked, and underpaid. We need to work to make “guaranteed employment” a reality. To make it happen we need to change the current model that has workers competing for jobs and instead have employers competing for workers. When there are more workers than there are jobs wages stay low, when there are enough jobs for everyone wages go up. All people should have a right to get a job that pays a living wage. We can do this through the private sector, and put people directly to work through the city when needed. Rather than “business friendly” give-aways, we need to seek out “friendly businesses” that address our needs.

*Creation of City Jobs Center
*Local Workforce for City Projects
*Living Wage for all City Contracts
*Section 3 compliance for HUD projects
*Expansion of Public Housing Using Workforce of Public Housing Residents
*Support and expand ex-offender re-entry jobs program
*Public Works Project to Install Solar Panels on Every City Owned Building
*Expand Public Parks/Gardens using
Public Workforce
*Incentives for business that pay a living wage

Ecology and Jobs:
We can work to make our city 100% sustainable, expand mass transit and our parks. These big projects will put many people to work for good wages.

A simple concept, but one that we need political will to make happen. We need to look at the whole of how housing works and deliberately use a multi-tiered system- a ladder that starts with housing the homeless, expanding public housing, ensuring affordable housing, expand Section 8, and provide low interest loans for low-income people to buy homes. Making sure that people are moving up the housing ladder needs to be a priority.

*End Freeze on Non-Profit Funding for Homeless Shelters and Services
*Build a homeless shelter
*Build another SRO
*Double Funding and Action
for Affordable Housing
*Expand and Promote Rent Relief Program
*Expansion of Public Housing in Compliance with Section 3
*Place PHAR in Control of Public Housing
*Respect and adhere to the Public Housing Residents Bill of Rights
*Increase to 50% the amount of new units in a development to be deemed affordable.
*Expand and Recruit for Section 8 Program
*Expand and Promote Low Interest Mortgages for Low Income Residents
*Create public bank specifically for low-interest housing loans and upgrades
*End all evictions, water and gas shut-offs
*Social Services Housing Action Committee

Ecology and Housing:
All housing and building projects in town can be 100% sustainable by adjusting requirements for building permits.

The time is now for a massive expansion of public transit, bike access, and pedestrian access. Many of our residents rely on these things as their primary modes of transportation. People with disabilities and senior citizens rely on alternative transportation. As our city deals with transportation issues we need to always look for better public transit, sidewalks and bike access rather than contemplating new destructive roads that encourage more car traffic. The Long Term Transit Development Plan needs to be implemented NOW and we can set new goals for the future.

*Expansion of CAT to Full Service on Sundays and Late Night
*Expand All Routes to More Frequent Trips
*Expand and Promote Park and Ride
*Add Second Free Trolley line
*Massive Expansion of Routes to CHO, Scottsville and Crozet
*Direct Service Shuttles
*Expand Hours for JAUNT
*Expand Bike Lanes, Complete Bike Trail
*Upgrade and Repair Sidewalks and Crosswalks
*HOV Lanes for 29 North
*State Transportation Funds Solely for Public Transit, Bike and Pedestrian Access
*Support Sustainable Regional Planning
*No McIntire Rd. Extended
*No 250 Interchange

Ecology and Transportation:
A sustainable city requires planning based on public transit, encourages healthy development and limits eco-degradation

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