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Thought I would take a moment to point out some things in easy to reach manner so folks won’t have to dig around too much on the site to figure out where I stand on certain issues. Have posted some thoughts and quick answers as well.

The Big Three- I look forward to expanding and revising my positions on:
Public Transit and more on Transit
some more thoughts on these can be found here

Water Supply- really wish I didn’t need to keep posting about this!
here and here
additional thoughts can be found in other posts
Other Environmental Issues:
Clean Energy and Free Speech
Sierra Club Questionnaire

Please visit my Platform for more information

Some thoughts on why you should vote for me:
-Charlottesville can be a place where meaningful change can take place regarding poverty, environmental degradation, and open democracy. We need to think and act big to make necessary changes happen.

-With Holly Edwards leaving City Council, we need a strong voice for social justice and environmental responsibility to replace her. So far, the Democratic Party candidates have shown little interest in social justice on a meaningful level.

-Charlottesville is in a critical period regarding the water supply plan, the parkway, and other infrastructure projects- we have to act responsibly according to the needs of residents and the environment- not the needs of developers.

-With infrastructure upgrades and other big projects coming our way- we need to ensure that local people are doing the work.

-We can make guaranteed employment a reality-
Section 3 and the new coordinator is a good start. We need to follow through with a jobs center where people can get access to employment that pays a living wage, offers job training, and employs residents through expanding public works projects in Charlottesville.
To make wages increase we have to change the balance of jobs available vs. workers. The more jobs available, the higher the wages that people will earn.

-Housing needs a comprehensive strategy that starts with housing the homeless, expands public housing, expands affordable housing units for rent, and finally offering home ownership to low income residents. We have to change the balance of housing available vs. surplus of people needing housing. We need a surplus of affordable housing to keep rent low.

-Expanding public transportation needs to happen, and we have the funding to do it. Lets make sure we have full service on Sundays by 2012, late night service, and expand routes. Direct service shuttles need to happen. Adequate public transportation provides work, helps the environment, cuts down on crime.

-Critical services are losing funding from the state and the federal government, we must act now to fully fund programs that are working to benefit residents. Access to healthcare is difficult for many residents- we need to fully fund health programs for our residents.

-All of Charlottesville’s public school employees should be receiving full benefits and pay. We have to make sure we make up the difference caused by funding cuts from the state.

-Charlottesville can and should  be active in statewide, national, and international issues.

Some short answers to a couple of questions:
Western By-PassNO– it is a wasteful project, harms environment, funding comes by taking from other more necessary projects.

Water-Supply- Dredge first, Dredge now. No immediate need to build expensive new dam that is harmful to the environment.

Meadowcreek Parkway- NO– wait until lawsuits have been ruled on at the very least. We don’t need an expensive new road through any park. Transportation should be focused on mass transit, pedestrian, and bicycle access.

Music in BelmontYES– there are statutes in place to deal with any problems that might arise from live music.

Funding for Non-ProfitsYES– The Haven, Charlottesville Health Access to name a few.

Tax relief for elderly disabled homeowners?YES

Panhandling LawsuitSupport the lawsuit, it was a bad decision from council in the first place, we are right to challenge it.

Raise taxes?not opposed to increasing taxes- unfortunately we have very few options for raising taxes in a fair manner, most city taxes affect poor folks and rich folks the same. Support for certain tax increases (business property tax, gas for example) and certain fees.

Water ratesNo increase until we know how much we are paying for new dam/dredging, new pump station, infrastructure repair etc. Stabilization fund hides true cost of water. Support tiered rate system, and no shut-offs ever!

YES, Brandon Collins is a democratic socialist. He believes that cooperation instead of competition is how our society and economy should work. He believes in the fundamental ability of the working class to make decisions for themselves. He believes in cooperative control of the economy through direct democracy and worker and community control. If you would like to know more give him a call or check out Socialist Party of Central Virginia.

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