Volunteer Organizing June 25

Calling on everyone to lend a hand in bringing a strong voice for social justice onto Charlottesville City Council!

(feel free to copy/paste this into an e-mail and send to all of your friends and neighbors!)

We are having a volunteer organizing and training session:
Saturday, June 25
3:00 pm
Random Row Bookstore
315 W. Main St.

We will be making plans and getting material to as many folks who need it and getting people into pairs and teams for canvassing over the next few weeks.
At the meeting we will-
-provide basic canvassing training
-discuss talking points
-distribute campaign literature
-distribute petitions to get Brandon Collins on the ballot
-distribute voter registration materials
-literature about voting rights restoration
-set times and neighborhoods for canvassing in the next week

Please bring friends and neighbors!

If you would like to volunteer, but can’t make it to the training session PLEASE write back or call about when a good time to do so would be, we really want to get everybody involved who wants to participate!
(434) 249-3312

You can help RIGHT NOW by forwarding this e-mail to everyone you know, “liking” us on facebook and inviting friends to our event.

The campaign is still picking up steam, well wishes, and encouragement. Solid people have joined to organize and are making the possibility of electing a social justice candidate to Charlottesville City Council more and more likely. We continue to get good press coverage, and continue to do outreach to all kinds of folks and groups.

Please visit the website to learn more about Brandon Collins for City Council. Be sure to check out my platform and see my positions on:
-Guaranteed Employment
-Water Supply
-Public Transportation
-Clean Energy

look for a detailed position and analysis of affordable housing coming up this week!

Hope to see you all on June 25!

Brandon Collins
(434) 249-3312

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