June 3rd- meet the candidate and COMMUNITY dinner

Free Community Dinner and Meet City Council Candidate Brandon Collins
June 3rd
7:00 pm
Random Row Bookstore
315 W. Main St.

Come meet me in person, enjoy a free community meal, and hear some tunes!

We’ll have plenty of time to chat one on one and in a discussion style forum to hear my views on a variety of subjects, you can sign the petition to get me on the ballot, and learn more about ways to organize around issues that are important to you.

And we’ll have plenty of time to eat!
Feel free to bring garden offerings from your home garden, no need to prepare in advance, just bring your garden goodies and we’ll throw them in the community salad! Or add to the meal potluck style that evening.

We’ll have live music after the event, so make sure you stick around, and bring an instrument if you are so inclined.

*This is NOT a fundraiser* though we’ll be happy to accept any contributions.

Campaign Volunteers Welcome!
Join our organizing committee or volunteer your time in other ways.Write brandoncollins@comcast.net or call (434) 249-3312 and we’ll chat!

You can help RIGHT NOW by copy and paste-ing this post into an e-mail and sending it to everyone you know, “liking” us on facebook and inviting friends to our “event”

The campaign is already picking up steam, well wishes, and encouragement. Solid folks joining to organize are making the possibility of electing a social justice candidate to Charlottesville City Council more and more likely. Most of the paperwork has been filed, and we hope to have all of the signatures we need by the end of the night June 3rd.

Be sure to check out my platform!
As we move forward this week look for more detailed positions on-
-Guaranteed Employment
-Affordable Housing
-Increasing Revenue in a Fair Manner
and be sure to look over-
-Water Supply
-Public Transportation
-Clean Energy

Hope to see you all on June 3rd if not before then!

Brandon Collins
(434) 249-3312

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