Additions to “Hop on the Bus”

After engaging more of the public and gaining more information on the Transportation Development Plan I have a couple of notes and additions to my position.

The first- I am somewhat relieved that the TDP is not set in stone, and quite relieved to see that most of council has their heads in the right places as far as continuing existing routes and looking to expand. I had overlooked originally that the TDP calls for some cutting of routes in favor of more “efficient” bi-directional service. Fortunately, this was noted in a couple of places, and council hopefully will not allow crucial services to be reduced. Making sure we have a route out to the new Martha Jefferson Hospital location is an immediate need, but should not be met by limiting or reducing routes.

Second- We need to be exploring direct service shuttles to make traveling from downtown to 29N and/or Barracks Road more convenient and speedy. These might connect to hubs at Barracks Road and Downtown.

Third- Full service on Sundays was not adequately emphasized in my original posting, this is an immediate need and I hope this is something council will be prepared to make happen in a less than a year.

Fourth- Neighborhood “hubs” and park and ride needs to be included in our planning. Especially if we need to ease into things like late night service. This might be a way to expand night service in general without too much hassle.

Fifth- As the region and Charlottesville is lobbying for transportation funds we need to prioritize public transit over road building, and fight to make it happen.

Sixth- Regional and City Planning is NOT a UN PLOT as claimed by some in County leadership, using political posturing as a means to defeat comprehensive and sustainable planning is unacceptable.

Seventh- An incentive- a break on vehicle fees in the city for individuals who purchase an annual bus pass?

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