Press Release 4/25- announcing my run!

For Immediate Release
April 25, 2011
contact: Brandon Collins
(434) 249-3312

Charlottesville Activist Intends to Run for Charlottesville City Council

Local activist, musician and father has announced his candidacy for Charlottesville City Council.
E. Brandon Collins lives on Meade Ave in Charlottesville, is active in peace and social justice issues in Charlottesville and in the national arena. Collins serves on the board of the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, is the Secretary of the Socialist Party of Central Virginia, and is active nationally inside the Socialist Party USA as an alternate on the national committee. He will be running as an independent with the endorsement of the Socialist Party of Central Virginia. Mr. Collins is 37 years old, and is also a cellist, restaurant worker, personal care attendant, and has a 14 year old daughter in City Schools.

you can learn more about the candidate at

Candidate forms from Mr. Collins have not yet been filed, but Collins is busy collecting signatures, and filing the proper paperwork.

Collins is running his campaign based on bringing a more radical approach to local government, stating that the same old ways of doing things are getting the city nowhere, that reform is too slow to be effective and the only way to confront poverty, homelessness, war, and environmental degradation is through a radical transformation of society. Noting the constrictions on local governments to take broad measures to improve the city, Collins has stated that local government can still do a lot to fundamentally change how Charlottesville operates. Collins points out that the Dillon rule stands in the way of things like capping rents, lifting wages city wide, or requiring new homes to be built sustainably, but thinks the city can find creative ways to make these things happen, and supports taking radical steps in defiance of the Dillon Rule in order to instigate court challenges on important issues.

Collins offers a platform that includes:

Aggressively pursuing a living wage for all workers in Charlottesville, including tipped wage employees.
Doubling the funding of affordable housing programs
Expansion of Public Transit to full service on Sundays and late night service.
Dredge Don’t Dam
Stop the Meadowcreek Parkway
Creative Zoning to limit environmental degradation and to encourage ecological sanity
More money to address poverty and homelessness in fundamental ways.
Creation of a city jobs center
Job creation through publicly supported worker cooperatives
Aggressively supporting the “City of Peace” declaration through action, not just words.
Expansion of mental health and substance abuse services
Infrastructure upgrades and expansion of service to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities and the elderly

Collins says his decision to run was based on encouragement from friends and fellow activists, and from attending many city council meetings where he felt he would vote much differently than other councilors on a number of issues.

“Charlottesville pays lip service to progressive ideals, but hardly follows through vigorously in public policy. I want not only a progressive city, but a radical democracy that makes Charlottesville an example of a place where necessary transformation of society can begin. We live in a sick society, let’s not just treat the symptoms, let’s work to cure the disease.”

Collins is engaging many community groups to make sure their views and demands are heard by the public. he intends to represent people over profits, and would like to give voice to Charlottesville’s homeless, unemployed, disabled, immigrant, and LGBTQ communities. Through the process of running a campaign, Collins hopes to encourage all citizens and non-citizens to actively organize on their own behalf. Collins plans to continue to work actively in the community on opposing wars, encouraging labor activism, immigrants rights issues, and sees the campaign as an opportunity to expand these movements locally.

to schedule an interview please contact:
Brandon Collins
(434) 249-3312

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  1. Sally says:

    Solidarity from Memphis!

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